5 Of The Best Beaches in Crete

Best Beaches In Crete - Pritis Passport Travel Blog

Ahhhh the beaches in Crete 😍 So, rewind back to researching Crete and Chania, I found information on Chania itself but the video I initially saw on YouTube was to do with a beach around Chania. It looked stunning! And so naturally, I had to go ahead and research some of the beaches in the […]

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Torcello Island – Italy

Torcello Island Travel Blog

Onward from Burano I headed on to Torcello using the same vaporetta ticket I had already brought. Really handy to not have to pay twice! I jumped on from St Marks in Venice to Burano which also stops off at Lido. I didn’t bother to visit there but I think maybe next time we’ll head […]

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