Trip to Girona Catalonia Spain

Alright guys – It’s a photo heavy post for you! I hope you all love it. A few months back, I had arranged a stay at Can Sala in Spain – ( You can read all about it here) It was a toss up between heading over to Barcelona after that stay, or heading back to […]

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6 Must Have Travel Gadgets

6 Must Have Travel Gadgets Pritis Passport

6 Must Have Travel Gadgets YEP! I LOVE travel gadgets. Ever since being a kiddo – I’ve always been fascinated by anything gadgets and tech. This comes across in the field I ended up studying in & well, my full time profession is a Photographer, so go figure 😍 Whenever I’m going away, I can […]

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Travel Sponsorship

How To Get Travel Sponsorship

Travel Sponsorship. I love talking about this with people & I’m so excited to share this course with you all 😍 So you want to know just how to get sponsored travel? A bit of background information on WHY I’ve created this for you all. I started blogging a few years ago during my backpacking trip. It […]

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