Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo ? & Brisbane by Night – A Photo Diary

Brisbane Australia Zoo Travel Blog Pritis Passport

Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo ? & Brisbane by Night So you’re thinking of heading out to Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo? Carry on reading ? I spent quite a bit of time in Brisbane but most of it was looking for jobs and ending up randomly working at a coconut factory for a few days as […]

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My Time Working in Outback Australia & Trips to Blackdown Tableland National Park

Working in Australia Travel Blog Pritis Passport BlackdownTableland NationalPark

I spent 6 months in a place called Dingo which is situated in Queensland. The closest ‘city’ was Rockhampton and a town called Blackwater around 45 minutes drive from Dingo was the next spot. There wasn’t much going on in this place but it was a great opportunity to hit some work and save real […]

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Make The Most Of Your Trip To Alice Springs – Ayres Rock & Hot Air Balloon Riding

Ayres Rock Australia Trave Blog

Alice Springs was incredible when I was there. The heat was so intense, I loved it! It’s not for the faint hearted though so I would recommend you try stay hydrated if you plan to arrive in the warmer months. Alice Springs is surrounded by desert, it’s absolutely incredible and beautiful to be around red […]

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What To Do On A 3 Day Stay in Melbourne

What to do in Melbourne Australia Travel Blog

One of the things I noticed about Melbourne was how diverse it is. Hands down this was my favourite place and unfortunately other than the week I was there, I didn’t get a chance to return. Devastated. I’ll definitely be going back though! Its culture rich & has something to offer everyone. I absolutely adore […]

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