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Pritis Passport Travel Blog
Here’s me frolicking in the cold in Wanaka, New Zealand. Truly fell in love with South Island.

Hey how you doing? Thanks for dropping by.

I’m Priti (yep that’s pronounced pretty)

Welcome to the blog!

I actually started a travel blog a few years ago when I went backpacking to Australia.  DANG I fell in love with those sunsets and sunrises, the highlights? Seeing kangaroos every morning behind where I worked on a working holiday visa.

Priti's Passport - Australia Queensland Sunset
Dingo Queensland greeting us with the most insane sunrise’s and sunset’s ever

I digress… Let’s get back on track.

That blog is on the internet somewhere still but it took shape into a business blog for my work. Yep I’m a photographer, I photo bands, concerts, portraits primarily with a bit of other things in there. If you’re a fan of music – Be sure to go head on over there and take a look at the work and say hi I’ve worked with some awesome clients recently including NME, Jack Daniels UK, Skinny Magazine, BMG & heaps of awesome bands.

Priti's Passport - Blue Lagoon Blog
Blue Lagoon in Iceland

I got married last year (2016) to my best friend and now fellow traveller. Well, not all the time! I still believe solo travel is important for everyone and so since we got married, I went Iceland with a friend of mine and he treated me to a cheeky trip to Venice. Yep my husband sent me to one of the most romantic places in the world alone. PERFECT HUSBAND! Funnily enough, we met on a dating site as he’s a kiwi (as in a New Zealander not literally a kiwi) Not just that, I sent him on his first ever solo trip! He loved it 😉

Priti's Passport - Venice San Marco Blog
Here’s me in San Marco square in Venice. YEP IT SNOWED!

I started travelling back in high school, that was the first time we went off to Disney in Paris and I was like WOW I love this travel thing. And thats when the travel bug hit me. We use to visit India once a year with the parents so we were around that from a young age I guess. Basically it’s my parents fault that I caught the wanderlust bug!

Priti's Passport - Skydive Cumbria
Yep bit of a adrenaline junkie – This was in Cumbria UK

I went off to uni, graduated, went off backpacking because well, the office lifestyle just isn’t suited for me, let’s face it! I had some great jobs with corporate companies but I took a step back to realign myself with my dreams, my ambitions, my self worth and, well, what I wanted from my life. Call it cliche, but it’s true.

Funnily enough, right back when I got back from Australia is when I figured out what I wanted to do. I had already picked up a camera and was good at sales and here we are, I’m a photographer and re-adding this blog again to the mix as a passion project.

I travel quite a lot and plan to do more of it and if I can help some of you guys along the way and inspire you to do the same, then why not? The world is an oyster filled with so many opportunities, we should take them and make the most of them!

Priti's Passport - Disneyland Paris
We ended up going to Paris for our Honeymoon – Yep Disney too!

On this blog, you will find stories, photos, useful tips and tricks and more than anything else, inspiration to do the same, to go out there and live in the moment and experience this place we call earth. Aren’t we lucky to be alive? I definitely think so!

If you would like to come say hi – do it over on socials! I would love to connect with you.

Nice to meet you 😉

Priti x



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