6 Must Have Travel Gadgets

6 Must Have Travel Gadgets Pritis Passport

Must Have Travel Gadgets


I LOVE travel gadgets…hence this article on must have travel gadgets ?

Ever since being a kiddo – I’ve always been fascinated by anything gadgets and tech. This comes across in the field I ended up studying in & well, my full time profession is a Photographer, so go figure ?

Whenever I’m going away, I can literally pack my bag so light with clothes but when it comes to gadgets…

6 Must Have Travel Gadgets Pritis Passport
6 Must Have Travel Gadgets Priti’s Passport

Guys, I can’t control myself ? Oops!

Anyone with me on this one?

Who doesn’t love technology?!

It was further fuelled when I worked at 3 which is a telcomms company here in the UK / Europe and later, Apple. YES I love my Apple products ❤️

Which takes me onto 10 Must Have Travel Gadgets

FYI – Yep I have Amazon affiliate links to the products below, so help a sister out and click on the link and purchase if you’re keen 😉

In no particular order….

Amazon Kindle White - 10 Must Have Travel Gadgets
Amazon Kindle White – 10 Must Have Travel Gadgets

1. Amazon Kindle (White)

I love me a Kindle and some books on the go. A good friend of me gifted us a voucher for our wedding gift last year and so I went ahead and put it towards the Kindle. This thing is just awesome. Having used an iPad previously for reading on, you feel the difference on just how much easier it is on the eyes to read. I wear contact lenses / glasses and get tired eyes since I use computers & cameras a lot, so it’s really important to minimise eye damage as much as possible. I opted for the entry level one at the time – it has a 6″ screen which is anti glare as standard. It’s touch screen which is brilliant and you have the options of black or white. I went for the white one as I just love white products! It has built in Wi-Fi too which is handy for when you are away on a trip and want to download on the go. One of the reasons I went for this one was as it doesn’t have the built in light. I wanted to go for a reader which was as close to a normal paper book as possible. I have since brought an attachment for light, so maybe I should have just brought the next one up with the built in light! Anyhow, I love the Kindle & portability. I can’t leave for a roadtrip / trip away without it!

10 Must Have Travel Gadgets Anker Powercore 20100
10 Must Have Travel Gadgets Anker Powercore 20100

2. Anker Powercore 26800

Whether I’m out travelling on a trip or whether I’m out shooting a concert / festival / shooting at the studio – I simply can’t leave the house without this charger. This is absolutely fantastic bit of kit guys. I was gifted a different Anker by a friend of mine, you can see that one here, it’s more portable and smaller. The great thing about the Anker Powercore 26800 is that it lasts days! I took this with me to Venice earlier this year, and Iceland last December. I was using it to charge the GoPro on the go, iPhone & my friend also used it a few times. It was still charged after a week in Iceland and even in Venice. It’s seriously worth the money and is super portable too. It’s great to throw it in your bag & have it anywhere you go. It has 3 USB ports which have PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology ensure high-speed charging for three devices at the same time. The Dual Micro USB  input offers recharge speeds up to twice as fast as standard portable chargers and the Anker comes with a cable for devices plus travel pouch/case

10 Must Have Travel Gadgets Apple Macbook Pro 15 Touchbar
10 Must Have Travel Gadgets Apple Macbook Pro 15 Touchbar

3. Apple 15″ Macbook Pro – Touch Bar 

Ahh you guys. That time arrived. I had my previous Macbook Pro 17″ (do you remember those?!) for almost 7 years. It was the first mac I started my business on, it went across the globe with me to India, to Australia, to Tokyo, to Bali, to Thailand and so many more places. I had such a special relationship with it but it was just getting clunky for my uses. It was still in such pristine condition and working so well but for 4k footage and more heavier work, it was just slowing down ? I was so sad to see it go but we are now here with Teddy! My new MBP ? and boy oh boy it’s the best. I love the efficiency of it, the feel, the look, the speed of it processing heavy video footage and RAW image files. The other great thing? It’s so much more compact and portable compared to my new one. I love the touch-bar on it massively too. I thought it was a gimmick at first but actually, it really is brilliant for blogging, social media & some other apps I use. I LOVE it.

10 Must Have Travel Gadgets House Of Marley Chant Bluetooth Speaker
10 Must Have Travel Gadgets House Of Marley Chant Bluetooth Speaker

4. House Of Marley – Chant Bluetooth Portable Speaker

I absolutely love the portability of these speakers – It’s from the House Of Marley range. They are designed so well, are super portable but mostly, the sound is so fantastic considering the size of this thing. I use this at home as my main bluetooth speaker around the house but also it’s awesome to pack in your bag and have it on the go. The other awesome thing about this one is that it’s water proof. So if you are headed to the beach or by the pool – You don’t have to worry about getting water on it or condensation!


10 Must Have Travel Gadgets GoPro Hero 5 Black
10 Must Have Travel Gadgets GoPro Hero 5 Black

5. GoPro Hero 5 Action Black

It wouldn’t be complete to not mention at least one camera / video gadget. Because, well, I LIVE FOR THIS! I love my GoPro Hero 5 Action Black. This thing goes on every trip with me without fail. It’s a fantastic bit of kit for vlogging, general video taking, and even photos for wide angle shots. It’s waterproof of course and the newer designs are built to be a little deeper in the water. Not to mention the awesome accessories you can get for them. They are waterproof and just so convenient to have on you. If you guys don’t already know, I have a YouTube channel, so come over and say hi and sub for video content. You can find me here.

10 Must Have Travel Gadgets DJI Standard Phantom 3
10 Must Have Travel Gadgets DJI Standard Phantom 3

6. DJI Phantom 3 Standard

We invested in a DJI Phantom 3 Standard last year and it was the best thing ever. One of the reasons we went for the entry level was because although the hubby had a racer drone, I didn’t have any experience in using a drone. And YES, I crashed it on it’s first flight, and again, and again. Haha. Thankfully I’m way better at flying it now to get footage and stills. Although I did have an accident in Greece… OOPS! We had to go hiking for it and I genuinely thought it was gone. Not gonna lie, thought I was gonna die when I had to hike up to find it ? We found it around 650 meters away from where I set it off from Anyway… For anyone looking to get amazing aerial photos and for those of you who also travel a lot. It’s well worth the investment for commissions and just even for playing around on!

What are your Must Have Travel Gadgets you can’t leave the house without?

Leave a comment below, I would love to hear about them!

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Priti x


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