AirBnB V Hotel – Which Is Right For You?

AirBnB V Hotel

AirBnB V Hotel – Which Is Right For You?

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Ahhh so you’ve booked that flight, got your visa and the excitement has got you all giddy!

Next question.

Where are you staying?

With so many options out there on the market these days, available to different types of travellers. Which do you go for?

Saving money whilst travelling can always be a great thing. I’m a huge fan of this since we rarely spend all that much time at a place. However I can’t be dealing with dirt and unhygienic accommodation!  It free’s up spendings for other activities and experiences. It’s even better when you can go ahead and travel, save money AND create awesome memories isn’t it?

AirBnB V Hotel

One time, we could only stay in the traditional sort of places like hostels, hotels, b&b’s. These days? You can pretend you’re beauty and the beast and spend nights in a castle, or live out that fantasy of staying in a treehouse for a while or stay at an amazing bohemian vibe apartment in downtown Toronto. There are SO many options!

Introducing AirBnB!

But is home sharing the best option for YOU? Does AirBnB offer the same safety, peace of mind, quality and cleanliness of a hotel?

Well my loves, maybe, maybe not!

You see, with AirBnB, hosts own the accommodation and so they are you’re temporary landlord for your trip. It’s down to them as to how clean the accommodation is, and of course everyone has a different standard in terms of cleanliness.

There’s a number of factors you can take into account when weighing up your choice between a hotel / hostel and AirBnB.

AirBnB V Hotel

Experience – One of the things I personally love about AirBnB is that you really get to absorb the local scene and people and / or culture. Prior to something like AirBnB, I stayed very much in hotels and b&b’s and hostels during travels.

AirBnB V Hotel
AirBnB V Hotel – Our awesome AirBnB stay in Chania Greece – We absolutely loved the decor and energy of the apartment

Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome to speak to the locals who work at the place you end up staying but there’s something quite different about waking up in an apartment with ocean views on one side, and the mountains on another side at the fraction of a cost.  Speaking with your host who is a local who can recommend heaps of places to you and the hidden gems of the local area – WIN! The only other time I got this vibe is staying at hostels speaking to other travellers.

I never really experienced this at hotels as it’s just too full of holidayers. I think I just made a word up ? Also, you may find yourself staying in a residential area. WIN! Way quieter than a hotel!

Quality – This can vary so much on both ends. So far, I haven’t personally had a bad experience with AirBnB. The accommodation in Iceland was great location wise and cleanliness and we had full use of amenities too.

We recently stayed at a place in Greece where the host totally went out of their way to make it special for us since it was a first year anniversary gift from myself to hubby (sharing that for a separate post) We literally woke up to mountain and ocean views.

The host was incredible and in comparison to hotel costs and location – It was amazing value for money!

No horror stories yet!

But on the other hand I’ve stayed at amazing hotels and hostels but then some hotels have been a horror story, like the one in Thailand where it was sea water being fed to the shower. No lie! And in NYC I stayed at a hostel – Rooms were clean but oh my goodness, the shower area ? No words.

AirBnB V Hotel
AirBnB V Hotel – Our awesome AirBnB stay in Chania Greece – We absolutely loved the decor and energy of the apartment. Our Host personalised the decor to a ‘love’ theme since it was our first year wedding anniversary

I recommend you guys read as many reviews as possible both and research research research as much as possible before booking anywhere whether it’s AirBnB or Hotel or another option!

Pricing – To be honest with pricing it really depends on when you are visiting and where you are visiting. Pricing varies during off peak season to peak season in the industry.

Sometimes you may find that actually a hotel or hostel is more cost effective but then on the other hand you may find it flipping and AirBnB giving you better value for money.

This hasn’t been the case for us since we started using AirBnB but there have been times where it’s been close price points between the choice of accommodation and then we decided experience over price and booked with AirBnB.

One of the things we always try to do is stay somewhere we have access to a kitchen or a refrigerator so we can cut the cost of spending money on food so much. Many AirBnB places have access to a kitchen since a lot are apartment style accommodation and this is a bonus for us. This gives us the option to buy some food, cook it up and have it for breakfast / lunch and then splash out for a meal in the evening. You save so much money doing this! It’s fab! Also, we get sick of eating out so much ?

AirBnB V Hotel
AirBnB V Hotel

In conclusion I feel like AirBnB is way more flexible and they just have so many more options than a traditional sort of accommodation. Again this will vary depending on the type of experience you are after from your holiday or travels but if you have been considering trying AirBnB. Totally give it a go and see if it is for you!

All in all, no matter which accommodation you go for, research research research ?

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you prefer Hotel stays to AirBnB? What have your experiences been like?

Leave a comment below, I would love to hear about them!

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Priti x

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  1. I’ve lived in AirBnBs almost constantly since 2014. At the moment I’m staying with two great Estonian guys in Tallinn. I rented whole apartments, too. Sometimes, I want some more privacy. There’s just one thing I’m not going to repeat: renting a room with a family. I did this twice and I didn’t like it. I felt like an intruder and I simply don’t want to have small children around me. My most important requirement is a good and stable internet, I always ask about this before I book something. Being a digital nomad and online teacher, I totally depend on it. Have been lucky so far.

    1. Yeah I can totally imagine it being challenging if sharing with a family. I definately want to try and hire a place for like a month when we head out to Asia – It’s like a home from home isn’t it 🙂 Hope you are enjoying your travels so far!

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