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The Other Side Of Fear Travel Blog Pritis Passport

So you’ve been contemplating packing your bags and grabbing a one way flight but something’s holding you back.

You’ll lose your stable job you say, you’ll miss your friends and family, you feel guilty that you want to live your life the way you choose to, but what if you run out of money? What if you can’t find a job? What if something happens whilst your travelling solo and your half way across the world? What will you do? What if I never want to come back? What then? Oh wait my friends think I’m crazy to wanting to pack my bags and leave?

Roadtripping in a Britz campervan taken in the middle of nowhere

You know what this is?

This is fear owning your ass and stopping you from creating & experiencing the life you love.

And you know what you have to do?

Get a few tequila shots down you and book that one way flight, because on the other side of fear, is what we call, life.

You’re completely right though, all of the above can happen, and in all honesty, most of those things will happen. But those experiences, they shape you.

The Other Side Of Fear Travel Blog Pritis Passport

I ended up in Australia, had an amazing time hot air ballooning, quadding in the outback, sipping champagne at sunset by Ayres Rock, road-tripping across Aus, and a few weeks later, I had $100 in my bank and no job. I had left the UK with around £3000 to get me started and the first part of the trip was to have a holiday and enjoy it and tick somethings off the bucketlist, and so I did.

I managed to get a temp job at a coconut factory through the hostel I was staying at that helped keep me afloat, I almost had to come home buying a flight on a credit card, but guess what happened?

The Other Side Of Fear Travel Blog Pritis Passport

I got a job last minute.

It was in a place called Dingo, could it get any more aussie? I had $50 to my name by the time I got to Dingo, that first week, I ate the free meal we got at the roadhouse for lunch and brought a box of cereal and noodles and lived off that. It was awesome to get that first pay check art the end of the first week!

The Other Side Of Fear Travel Blog Pritis Passport

This job paid me $28 an hour, I did night shifts for 6 months straight, earned nearly $5000 a month, spent my mornings walking by wild kangaroos and experiencing the most insane sunrises and sunsets, and saved so much money it funded the rest of the trip to Bali, Thailand, Tokyo, Hong Kong, NYC and got me back home.

The Other Side Of Fear Travel Blog Pritis Passport

Had I panicked and booked a flight as soon as the bank balance reduced after have an amazing time, would I have had a story to tell? Heck no!

And so the question is, will you let fear control you and stop you from experiencing & living life? Will you let it stop you from walking away from that job you hate? Do you want to experience life on the other side of fear? Are you ready to really live and meet your potential and be in the genius zone? Are you ready for mind bending experiances? Are you ready to meet people that are more in line with your vision and soul purpose? Will you take a chance on the universe and YOURSELF and let it guide you? Either way, the choice is yours and time will pass anyway….

The Other Side Of Fear Travel Blog Pritis Passport

Comment below I’d love to hear more about where you are at, what’s holding you back or more importantly, where’s your next adventure taking you?!

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  1. I thought I was brave traveling full time House Sitting. But, I am retired and have a small reitirement income. My hat is off to you!

    1. Hey Clyde,

      Wow house sitting sounds awesome – How long have you been doing that? Where are you right now? How has it been for you?


  2. Takes alot of courage doing what u did. I worked 2 jobs worked my ass off for a year then traveleld for a year then came home did it again. I never fell below my personal savings amount always played it safe

    1. Hey Brian,

      Ahhh I did consider that but I would have been saving for a while. We have great opportunities for Working Holiday Visa’s from the UK and so I thought it’s a great opportunity to do it. Never know when the opportunity may change – Funnily enough the WHV is now changing for Aus I believe. It’s changed for Canada too. Got to make the most of opportunities while you got them right?! We also did it for Canada, I came back as it wasn’t for me at the time but my uni friends worked and lived there for the year before coming back to wrap up uni. Have you ever done a WHV? How was your year of travelling? Where did you go?

    1. Very true Vincent! But you got to take the chance and see what happens – Think of the worst case scenario, and if you are ok with that, then go do whatever you got to do! It always works out 😉


  3. I couldn’t agree more than fear holds so many people back. Certainly, I have lost count of the number of friends who have expressed admiration for my travels but say they could never do the same due to some excuse they’ve thought up on the spot. Still though, I’ve never heard of tequila being advocated as a cure though!

    1. Gareth,

      Haha tequila is flippin great!

      Yeah I feel you – Everyone has their own pace at doing things but excuses are easier than actions – I can’t vouch for that. Great to hear you are travelling – Where are you? How is it going?


  4. This story is amazing. I just read it out to my boyfriend after reading it. We are at the stage of selling everything we own to get on our one way flight to Bangkok in September. Our families and friends are trying everything to stop it. I have a job I can take with me but David doesn’t. The fear is so real but we are fighting against it

    1. Girl you will love Bangkok – Not sure if you have visited before but Thailand is amazing. Make sure you stick to your guns and do it because you will reap the reward which comes with it. Mindset change, the people you will meet, the culture you will experiance. If thing’s don’t work out, then you go back, it’s really that simple. The fear stops you from moving forward – Don’t let it win! Always think logically over emotionally! Have you read Chimp Paradox or The Big Leap? Check those books out they are brilliant for anyone trying to change their life etc. It’s great that you have a job you can take with you but even if you decided to do something else for a while, you have that option to. A job is a job when you’re travelling isn’t it – Long as it helps you fund your life and travels then what’s it matter? What does David do? We are wanting to go back to the Thailand as hubby hasn’t visited yet – Hopefully in the new year if all goes well! I would love for you to do a guest post on here after you relocate if you’re keen?


  5. You never know what fate can turn into. It was great that you overcome your fear and keep calm during the harsh time. This boost up my confidence now. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I couldn’t agree more, fear always holds people back. Almost all of my friend always ask me how I can travel so much and when I ask them why they don’t do it, they always make up excuses.

    1. Excuses are way easier than action aren’t they? Keep doing you and living life though Chiara. Where’s your next adventure to?

  7. Oh wow, this is truly motivating and an article that made me realized so much. Now that I can reflect because of this, I don’t where will by two itchy feet gonna bring me. Thank you so much for this, I really have to fight my fear in almost everything. I have been planning to leave my Job and travel the world, but I just can’t find the courage to do it. hopefully soon!

  8. I am from Australia and I needed to look up where Dingo was as I never heard of it before. Glad you were able to get a job last minute to pay for your trip to Bali 🙂

    1. Where in Aus are you Mel? Haha yeah it’s in Queensland right between Rocky and Blackwater off Capricorn Highway. It was definitely an experience. Gosh yeah it paid for that, Thailand, Tokyo, Hong Kong and NYC!

  9. Fear definitely holds people back. It’s a hard struggle to get past, but important to learn how to break free of fear and not let it control your life. Not that living your life at home with a comfortable job is necessarily a negative thing. Not all enjoy travelling around moving from place to place. But those who are craving travel should definitely go for it!

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