Best Travel Camera – Which one should you choose?

best travel camera

The Best Travel Camera

I get asked this question quite a lot – but a few days ago a relative messaged me on Instagram asking for some info on what’s the best travel camera.

She’s shopping around for her upcoming travels and I thought, let me write about it! It was due at some point, right? ?

If you’re into travel, photography and having a decent camera is imperative. I mean, if you’re about to do a crazy hike and be met with amazing views, you got to capture that in some form of memory right?

So what’s the best travel camera for you?

With so many on the market, and with everyone’s budgets being different – How do you pick the perfect camera?

best travel camera

Travel Camera Features To Look For

Weatherproof – Will your camera handle different weather conditions? From the scorching heat to the ice and snow and rain?

Interchangeable Lenses – Do you want the option to change lenses as you start photographing different scenarios?

Megapixels – Unless you are blowing the images up to crazy big sizes or shooting for commercial use, entry level cameras these days are equipped to produce images which produce amazing quality photos for both print and online uses. Including images which can later be used for prints / canvases / calenders etc.

Lens Aperture – All this means is what aperture lens it is. We refer to it as the f stop. So f1.4 will be amazing for lowlight photography where f5.6 will work better in daylight. So the lower the aperture the lens supports, the better it will photograph lowlight photography eg; Northern Lights or those beautiful galaxy shots we see!

Zoom – Depending on what type of photography you are aiming to capture – You may need a lens which has zoom capabilities without deteriorating the quality of the photos.

What Are You Looking For?

Ask yourself what is it that you are looking for from your camera. Do you want a camera which is super compact? Do you need a camera to be weather proof in ice cold conditions or will you be using it primarily in warmer climate? What is your financial budget? Will you be photographing landscape, wildlife, people or something else?

Once you have made a list of the features you need at a bare minimum and what you will use the camera for, you can get right on shopping!

I’m going to run through the most popular type of camera I feel will be great for you guys who are tuning in to the blog with usability and budget in mind. I always recommend you do more research to of course find the best solution for you! It’s also based on my own experience in using these cameras 🙂

Point & Shoot Cameras

Point & Shoot cameras are great for anyone who is looking for a super compact solution. There are so many amazing ones on the market now which produce not only amazing images, but also amazing video.

In my personal opinion, I feel like 80% of travellers can use a point and shoot camera and create images and video which they will be super proud of.

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Digital Camera (£499)

Best Travel Camera
Best Travel Camera – Canon Powershot G7X II

Not only is this a super compact camera but the image quality from the Powershot G7 X Mark II is brilliant. The colours really pop on the Canon cameras in my opinion, even without much editing being applied to them. So it’s a great choice of camera for anyone who’s looking to get great images without fiddling too much with settings. The video on the Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II is also pretty amazing along with the option of having a flip screen which helps film in selfie mode too if you have been contemplating setting up a YouTube channel.

Click here to see Canon Powershot G7X Mark II pricing.

Action Cameras

I never leave without taking our action camera since being gifted it last year. It’s a great one to include in your travel bag since it’s so versatile, doesn’t take much space at all, and you can use it in all sort of weird and wonderful activities like hiking in the snow, scuba diving in the ocean, biking up mountains. Whatever the scenario, it’s robust and compact with amazing video and photo output.

GoPro Hero 6 (£499)

Best Travel Camera
Best Travel Camera – GoPro Hero 6

The GoPro Hero 6 supports 1080p through to 4k video along with a 2 inch touch display to view playback and photos. This is a great peice of kit for you if you are an adventure traveller to since it’s so adaptable to different weather climate and situations. It’s even waterproof to 10 metres without the housing on it. There are many accessories available too for different uses.

Click here to see GoPro Hero 6 pricing.

GoPro Hero 5 Black Action Camera (£329)

Best Travel Camera
Best Travel Camera – GoPro Hero 5 Black Action Camera

This is the one we currently own and I LOVE IT! I love the video quality on it along with the built in mic and the stills! You have the option to take super wide photos and wide photos or ‘normal’ photos if you like. There’s also a video capture software which you can download which allows for your iPhone to be used as a viewfinder. Highly recommend it!

Click here to see GoPro Hero 5 Black Action camera pricing.

DSLR Cameras

Canon 1300D (£305)

Best Travel Camera
Best Travel Camera – Canon 13000D

I think this is a brilliant entry level DSLR camera with kit lens for travel photography. The kit lens which comes with it supports f3.5 which is a good starting point for both lowlight photography and daylight photography on a budget. It also shoots both photos and video!

Click here for Canon 1300D pricing.

Smartphone Photography

In all honesty, sometimes you can get away with just using your smartphone. There are some amazing phones on the market that have such great quality cameras built in. It’s all about what you do with it as a tool isn’t it?

Of course it depends on a few factors such as the cost of your handset, I mean, would you be happy for your phone to be used for photos in extreme conditions?

My iPhone is a backup these days for when I want to take photos but may not want to take my DSLR with me. It’s not often, but sometimes. Some great phones on the market with brilliant cameras include iPhone 8, Google Pixel 2 & Samsung S8 (There are of course more!)

Camera Lenses

Generally speaking, two lenses will do the job.

These being:

  • Wide Angle Lens – For landscape photography
  • Zoom Lens – For Wildlife photography and portraits

When I’m travelling I tend to have the two above along with a 50mm f1.4 which is a fixed lens. By fixed I mean it’s not a zoom lens. I find it’s great to have with me for portraiture work and also lowlight photography to get great bokeh finishes.

If you are new to photography or travel photography, I would recommend starting with the kit lens or a purchasing a wide angle lens say 18-55mm (I started on this too!) or something like a 24-70mm which captures great wide shots.

Again, with lenses, pay attention to the aperture it supports. So if you are keen to shoot lowlight photos, run with a lens which supports between f1.2 – f2.8 at a minimum where possible. Anything else is perfect for sunrises / sunsets and daytime shots.

Drone Photography & Video

Depending on what type of work you wish to create, a drone could be an option.

We introduced the DJI Phantom 3 Standard to our kit last December – You can see a video review below infact!

I really love being able to add another dimension to video and photos and integrating it in the photos or video editing process for the YouTube channel.

Since we brought ours, DJI have introduced another entry level one which is super compact, although the video output is less than 2.7k which is what’s on the Phantom 3 Standard. You can check it out the DJI Spark here.

If you are looking for something more advanced – check out the DJI Mavic Pro here.

Film Camera

Yep I love to shoot some film when I’m travelling!

I currently have 3 cameras which I try to experiment with…though I must admit, I’m awful for not getting the film developed! Working on it…

I digress..

My current film camera set up includes

  • Polaroid 300
  • Diana F+
  • Canon AE-1
  • Polaroid Impulse
  • Polaroid Spectra

Film cameras are really a matter of choice depending on how much you want to experiment or what you want to create but the above are awesome bits of kit and really fun.

What Travel Camera do I use?

I must mention that by day I am a photographer and so the kit I use has been invested in for business use alongside personal use (All kinda merges into one!)

When I first started out with photography, I just had a Canon 450d that came with a kit lens – the 18-55mm and I brought a second hand lens – The 24-70mm being one (I still have and use it! I don’t believe you need the most newest camera every year to create images and video) and purchased a Canon 50mm f1.8 after a while for portraiture use.

These day, my gear has gotten to be a little more BUT I still try to travel light.

So what’s in my bag?

Canon 5D Mark II
GoPro Hero 5 Black
DJI Phantom 3 Standard

I currently use a Crumpler backpack which is due an upgrade but has a laptop slot along with compartments for lenses plus pockets and zipped areas for accessories. It’s been amazing and is weatherproof and has served me SO well over the past 5 years!

Best Travel Camera
Best Travel Camera – Captured on DJI Phantom 3 Standard


Just because you have a camera doesn’t mean you will end up with amazing images over night. Take your time and learn how to handle your camera and think about what photo you wish to take or what story you would like to tell before you click the button. Get to know your camera and lenses before you splash out on new kit every few months, it’s amazing what one lens and body can do for you. Learn and practise as much as you can to take the images you wish to create.

What do you think? Any camera recommends that you have that you would recommend?

Comment below I’d love to hear!

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