Kayak Swamp Tour New Orleans

kayak swamp tours new orleans

Kayak Swamp Tour New Orleans

Not going to lie – when we first started looking into visiting New Orleans, one of the things on the ‘to-do’ list was to try and see some alligator – queue a kayak swamp tour new orleans.

Upon doing some research, I found a whole bunch of companies but the one which struck out the most was New Orleans Swamp Tours.

I’m not a huge fan of being part of huge tours and so the idea of a smaller group sounded amazing.

Kayaking right on the swamp…loved and hated the idea ?

So we left the booking super last minute, we arrived to New Orleans and the day arrived that we had set aside for a gator experiance.

We were already 98% sure we would go for the kayak experience but went round to some of the tour offices to get more information and compare experiences.

The main reason we wanted to go for this experience was because it was more of a natural approach. I believe some of the boat driven ones lure the alligator in by hanging food out etc. Not just this, but we loved the idea of kayaking on a swamp. I was freaking out purely because I had never kayaked before!

Literally every place we went to, told us not to go for this experience.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand most tour offices if not all, work on a commission basis, so they’ll promote certain companies because it’s a higher percentage of commission for them. But to flat out bad mouth a place is pretty out of order in my honest opinion.

So anyway, we decided to stick to our guns and booked this experience anyway. It was the pricier option but come on, you can’t compare actually kayaking on a swamp to being on a boat with a huge group of people.

Guys…if you are headed to New Orleans and looking for an awesome experience, one which you probably won’t forget in a long while… then this is for you!

The views were absolutely breath taking and the silence was so zen. Our instructor was brilliant even with a few of us who had never kayaked before.

Not going to lie, I was THAT one right at the back. Kalpesh sucked at kayaking though he thinks he’s amazing at it ?

Fortunately, we made it out alive. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any gator. An excuse to go back right?

Here’s some photos & a video from the experience…Maybe it will inspire your next adventure ?

kayak swamp tour new orleans
Kayak Swamp Tour New Orelans

kayak swamp tour new orleans

kayak swamp tour new orleans

kayak swamp tour new orleans

kayak swamp tour new orleans

kayak swamp tour new orleans

Will you be heading out to New Orleans soon? What do you have planned?

Comment below I’d love to hear!

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