Things to do in New Orleans

Things to do in New Orleans

Things to do in New Orleans

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You read that right guys…we headed on out to New Orleans during our most recent trip…and boy oh boy was it amazing.

So we spent 5 nights in New Orleans this was a great amount of time to explore without being rushed. We didn’t hire a car during this trip and so we were sort of restricted to where we could go on our own time line eg; we wanted to visit Baton Rouge but we couldn’t work it in in the end.

But 5 nights for New Orleans itself, is ample amount of time for sure.

Things to do in New Orleans
Things to do in New Orleans

Places to Eat

As a vegetarian, I struggled a little for food but there were heaps of options for non veg, it being down south and the home of creole food! It smelt so good! But we found some joints which did veg options and really enjoyed the food.

We had breakfast at The Original Pierre Maspero’s the first morning we were in New Orleans. We opted for the Louisiana Lost Bread Eggs Benedict minus the meats. It was pretty good and the place is located downtown so easily accessible from most hotels or accommodation.

We stumbled upon a cafe called El Libre and we just had to go in. It was really sort of quirky and a hip joint with a nice mix of choice of both drinks and food. Highly recommend it!

Kalpesh ended up going to Golden Chips that night and bringing it back to the hotel room along with a cheeky subway sandwich! Yes I know… subway in New Orleans. I was just craving veg and salad by this point! BUT… Those chips were SOOO good!

The following day we found Chartres House which was really good too! We aimed to basically try new places where possible.

I would HIGHLY recommend The Ruby Slipper. The staff were amazing and the food options were much on offer. They even served up mimosa’s for breakfast 😉 We went back on a couple of occasions as they serve only breakfast and lunch.

The other place which really we both loved, was Dat Dog on Frenchman Street. They served up some amazing hot dogs, we opted for one of the veggie vegan dogs and guys… it was amazing ?.

Last but not least we went to Huckfinn’s one of the days and Juan’s Flying Burrito. Literally the best burrito I’ve ever had.

All in all the service was great everywhere we went, the staff were so genuinely welcoming and really added to the experiance. The locals are so friendly and just NICE.

Things to do in New Orleans
Things to do in New Orleans

Places to Go

It depends on what you’re into but theres alot for everyone! From cool quirky boutiques to museums to well…getting drunk or eating all day ? We did a bit of everything safe to say.

I’m a huge fan of crystals and rocks and all things spiritual, and so after seeing a huge rock around my neck, someone recommended a store called Earth Odyssey. WE LOVED IT. They offered some amazing stones and rocks which were unique in colour and shape (had to buy them of course) I would highly recommend it if you’re a fan of crystals and rocks and so forth.

The French Markets. It’s a great place to support local businesses and get some souvenirs and others bits and pieces from your trip to NOLA. They got a bunch of food places in there also and it’s situated real close to Cafe Du Monde which is known for it’s Beignet’s!

Bourbon Street and Frenchman Street are a given of course ❤️ I would recommend checking out Bourbon Street for straight up partying and for more local music, check out Frenchman Street. We really enjoyed Spotted Cat on Frenchman Street.

Washington Square and Louis Armstrong Park are most definitely worth a visit. If you’re going in the warmer months, you can take the street cars to the different districts instead of walking all over like we did.

If you are in the city, you definitely have to visit St Louis Cathedral by night. We were lucky enough to catch an amazing sunset and was so magical.

We also headed out to Cemetery 3. It was great to see the beautiful tombs that reside in New Orleans. It’s not anything I’ve seen before and in that sense, it was really amazing to be around spirits that are united at the end of their time in the physical form here on earth. As one, as a family.

The street cars are worth a ride on too. It was only around $1.25 one way but they are so fun to ride on!

The only sort of tourist activity we did was Kayak Swamp Tour. IT’S SO WORTH DOING! If you have been considering it at all, it’s well worth it. I hadn’t kayaked before…never mind on a swamp! Amazing experience and definitely loved it though we did feel something hit the kayak boat on couple of occasions…was it wood? was it alligator… who knows ?

Things to do in New Orleans
Things to do in New Orleans – Kayak Swamp Tour

What do you think? Are you ready to book your flight to New Orleans?!

Comment below I’d love to hear!

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